... so if a photo is worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video would be worth!

When I put my Las Vegas house up for sale to move to Costa Rica, I wanted to show it in all its glory. Since it was going on the market in March, when it was cold and drab and all the plants and trees were bare of greenery, I shot my video tour during the summer, with my garden in full color. I wanted a potential buyer in winter to know what it looked like the rest of the year. It paid off handsomely, and I made a tidy profit.

Having worked for decades in the film industry, I've become familiar with videography and photography. I dabble in them for personal reasons, and occasionally for hire. For my full background, please visit:  http://www.firststryke.com.

Since I've seen how long it often takes to sell a house, especially when there may be great urgency to sell, I decided to offer a photo & video service to help speed up the process. Here are some options;


Shoot & Deliver ($250)

Rate includes shooting around 300 photos edited down to about 100 without captions that adequately represent the property inside and out. For detailed captions add $200. Final selection will be emailed to homeowner, or put onto a CD disk or client's flash drive.

Blitz & Blog ($400)

Rate includes around 300 photos edited down to about 100 that adequately represent the property inside and out. Images are loosely sequenced without captions and uploaded to a simple, passive, non-interactive information-only blog site accessible via Internet. For detailed captions, add $200.

Sample Photo Tours 

Click here for the photo tour of my Las Vegas home. (Info on the surrounding area at the end is not included in this offer.)  http://strykeshouse.blogspot.com

For an example of a very comprehensive bilingual photo tour, complete with detailed information on the surrounding area, check out this one for Casa Fare Tiare in Argentina, which I created to help sell the property: http://casafaretiare.blogspot.com


No Frills Video Tour - Silent ($300)

This is a simple walk-thru, usually done in a single take -- depending on house size and levels -- after a few rehearsals. Ideal length is about 6-8 minutes. 

No Frills Video Tour - Narrated ($400)

Same as the above, but with narration provided by me.

Custom Video Tour (Negotiable)

A more complex video tour can be produced, with basic editing, captioning and titling. Price for this selection depends upon the needs and requirements of the homeowner.


The final video edit will be titled appropriately and uploaded to YouTube on the Internet. A simple link will enable anyone worldwide with Internet access to see the tour. Homeowner can select the degree of viewing privacy desired.

Sample Video Home Tour

Click here for the 14-minute tour of my Las Vegas home. It's lengthy, but was instrumental in selling the property:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l03_6p1xDp4


Prior to my arrival, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to put the house in good order so that photography or video recording can begin without delay. Preparation includes:
  • clean entire area to be recorded or photographed
  • clean any feature that is important to include -- for example, a water fountain
  • turn on all lights & fans
  • turn off all music, radios, TV, or other source of noise
  • hide all clutter -- magazines, toys, dirty dishes, utensils, etc.
  • no smoking during recording
  • children must be quiet and out of sight
  • secure all pets out of view and assure they are quiet
Not being ready will result in a waiting fee of $25 per hour. Starting early in the day is best for optimal lighting and less chance of rain -- no night shooting. Noisy pets that interupt the recording will make it necessary to reshoot, again adding to the cost.


Both the video recording and still photography will be done using a mint condition state-of-the-art Canon EOS 60D camera capable of high-definition. A camera grip, reflector, tripod, and complete set of lenses will be used as needed.


USD dollars or colon equivalent at current international exchange rate. 50% at end of recording or photo session; 50% upon final delivery. 


No charge for travel within 15 miles of San Isidro de Grecia. $0.25/mile beyond that. 


If you could use a passive, custom-designed, non-interactive information-only site such as this Photo and Video Home Tours blogsite, please contact me to discuss your needs. 

Walt "Stryke" Clayton
Photo credit: Flor Villarevia

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